(Full-time or Part-time)



The Youth Leader will provide a balanced program for Middle and High School students in fulfilling the mission of the Gospel and in cooperation with the ongoing ministry of the church. The Youth Leader is responsible to the Pastors.




  1. Developing, promoting, coordinating, and supervising a ministry balanced and designed for both Middle and High school students.
  2. Fostering a positive culture of Christ-loving, Christ-centering, Christ-following lives fueled by the Holy Spirit’s presence and power.
  3. Providing opportunities for students to learn how to share their faith and coordinate activities and opportunities for outreach.
  4. Regularly scheduling opportunities for community and fellowship.
  5. Seeing that support, teaching, mentoring, counseling, friendship, and leadership opportunities are provided for the students, as well as adult volunteers.
  6. Working to foster good will between students of different schools as well as support the students in their particular school settings and activities.
  7. Overseeing the Sunday morning LifeGroup ministry to youth.
  8. Organizing, attending, and supervising any overnight/camp activities.
  9. Maintaining regular communication with students, parents, and adult and student ministry leadership teams.
  10. Helping to equip parents with resources, communication, education, etc. to better raise up and disciple their students at home.
  11. Working with designated Pastor and Stewardship to develop a yearly budget for student ministry and make proper expenditures related to student areas.
  12. Meeting regularly with a Pastor to discuss ministry of church and youth specifically; and, if possible, attending weekly staff meetings.
  13. Performing other duties which may be assigned by the Personnel Ministry Team and/or the designated Pastor.

If you are interested in the position and sense God's guidance to apply, great!!! Please send a resume to with ATTEN: PERSONNEL.