New Worship Leader/Missions Leader

Jimmy Cantwell

BIO: Jimmy grew up in Erlanger, Kentucky and accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior when he was nine years old. At the age of 19, he began going on mission trips and learned how to play the acoustic guitar. It was then that a desire began in him to express his love for Jesus through worship! 

Since that time, he has had the opportunity to learn and grow in his passion for worship, and for worship leading. This growth has come through both personal experiences with God's presence and through ministering His name to people across the nations.

Jimmy has been in ministry since 2013, serving both in multiple worship ministries and through mission efforts in 13 different nations. In 2015, Jimmy met his wife, Naomi, on a mission trip to the Island of Grenada. In 2017, they were married and moved to Dallas, Texas to attend Christ For the Nations Institute where they both received a Bachelors degree in Practical Ministry with a focus in Worship and Missions. 

Jimmy’s heart is to be a man after God's heart. His passion is that both he and others know the true love of God and His desire to dwell with His people. He believes God has commissioned him to steward this desire through musical worship and discipling people to understand His presence, what it means to abide in Him, and all the blessings that come with that intimacy. 

Verses he lives by: 1 John 4, John 15:1-17, Matt 6:9-10, Ps 22:3, Ps 45:1, John 4:23-24, Mark 16:15, 1 Cor 8:2-3, 1 Cor 13

Job Description

As WORSHIP LEADER, be responsible for providing leadership in the planning, conducting, and evaluating of a comprehensive music and worship ministry of the church. As MISSIONS LEADER, oversee the missions ministry of the church in both its local and global missions efforts. 

Worship Ministry Responsibilities: 

•Oversee the directing, planning, and coordinating of the operation and evaluation of a comprehensive music ministry aimed at all ages. 

•Plan and coordinate the congregational worship services of the church, including the musical direction and elements of those worship services, under the leadership of the Lead Pastor. 

•Serve as a leader in main worship services giving direction to the congregational singing, praise team, and the choir, as well as coordinating the other phases of worship.

•Coordinating of the church music ministry with the calendar and emphases of the church. 

•Work with the music and worship members and music ministry leadership in determining music ministry goals, organization, leadership, facilities, finances, and administrative processes. 

•Direct the worship choir and oversee other musical ensembles. 

•Develop an ongoing plan for enlistment within the music ministry. 

•Prepare and oversee the annual approved Music Arts budget. 

•Serve on the Church Council and work with other ministry teams as assigned by the Lead Pastor. 

•Coordinate the use of the sound system, audio/visual equipment, recording, and streaming during the worship service. Work with, train, and recruit volunteers for these media and sound positions. 

Missions Ministry Responsibilities: 

•Work with the Lead Pastor to develop an ongoing, intentional outreach strategy and evangelism ministry which both equips and mobilizes members on mission. 

•Cooperate with associational and state leaders in promoting activities of mutual interest. 

•Provide and promote a plan of Missions activities on local, state, national, and international levels. 

•Guide and work with the Missions Ministry Team to accomplish various missions endeavors. 


•Perform duties which may be assigned by the Personnel Ministry Team and/or the Lead Pastor. 

•Attend and participate in weekly staff meetings.


On June 5th, Jimmy came to EBC and led us in worship alongside our EBC music ministry volunteers. After the service, Jimmy and his wife Naomi joined us at our annual Church Picnic where he shared his story.

On June 12th, EBC held a special-called church conference for the purpose of approving both Jimmy Cantwell and his job description above. 

The vote passed with an 81% positive vote! Jimmy has accepted the new position and will begin in his new position on July 1, 2022.