We have re-opened...


But, before I go into the details, I want to thank you for your ongoing commitment and support of EBC. We are grateful for the strong giving and online viewership during this pandemic time. Thank you for staying connected and giving! We want to challenge you that as things “return to normal” to continue to engage more and more as you are able and to continue to give the Lord’s tithe faithfully. You can always do this via online, in-person, mail-in, or office drop-off. Thank you again for helping EBC stay financially strong and positioned for greater ministry ahead!




As of May 24th, we restarted in-person services at 8:30am and 10:30am each Sunday

As of July 5th, we  reconvened as a single church with a single service at a single service time of 10:30am!

As of September 20th, we will reconvene for ALL LifeGroups! See below for details.


We have taken many steps to make it a safe and positive environment! Below are things you should be aware of as you plan your and/or your family's attendance at EBC:


All welcome

  • EBC will provide 0-2yrs and 3-5yrs classes during service for parents with young children. (If you are able to volunteer in these classes, please contact Pastor Eric at eric@erlangerbaptist.org)
  • No Kidz Praise yet.


To help facilitate safety, though the 6' sticks will be removed from the pews and taped off rows will be opened, we will ask families to occupy the red dot rows first (every other row) and leave space as best they can between families in that row. Once red rows have been deemed “full,” we will use ushers to begin filling in “gaps” in the blue rows, with the goal that as few as possible have someone seated directly in front or behind them. (Though still not required, masks, especially during this initial transition time, will continue to be strongly encouraged, as well as social distancing as far as is possible.) 

Signs are posted to instruct people to seat themselves in red-dot rows. Once the red rows are full, we will fill in on blue rows, if necessary

NOTE: The front seven rows on the piano side of the sanctuary are reserved for medically sensitive. This area will REQUIRE a mask and that social distancing minimums be maintained.


We will also continue to promote a prompt dismissal from the sanctuary. Congregating for discussion, etc. is at the discretion of the individual or family to do outside on the lawn or in the parking lot. This will allow for all to enter and exit as safely as possible.




  • LifeGroups for Older Classes- those on the First Floor of the Education building have already been invited to restart at 9:15am (or any LifeGroups without youth and/or children needs. Classes are not obligated to start back. But the option is given.)



*the following expectations ONLY apply to the LifeGroup hour and do not affect any protocols in place for our 10:30 worship time.

Mandatory mask wearing beginning with entry into the building: When you and your family come for our LifeGroup hour beginning at 9:15am, please be sure that all members of your family (Kindergarten and up) enter the building wearing a face-covering. You are expected to wear the mask upon entry, throughout traveling the halls, during the LifeGroup class time, and while traveling from LifeGroup classes to the sanctuary for service. Once in your seat for worship, the mask is no longer mandatory, though still encouraged. Additional supplies of masks will be available at Entrance A.

Temperature checks for ALL (CHILDREN-YOUTH AGE)

Temps will be checked either at the Children’s check-in desks or 3rd floor Student Room.

In conjunction with the CDC, a temperature that constitutes a fever is

  • Children: 100-103°F
  • Adults: 100.4-103°F

Note: Temperature checks for Adults (if requested) will be available, but are not mandatory.

Please not the information and safety measures positioned throughout the building.

  • Signage will be placed throughout the church regarding Safe and Healthy practices.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will continue to be available throughout the church.

LifeGroup Classrooms

LifeGroup classrooms will have cleaning supplies (rags & spray bottles) in them to help in the effort with cleanliness and safety. Directions for proper cleaning practices will be provided. Used rags will be collected after LifeGroup to be washed & clean rags replaced.

LifeGroup Leaders will be remain aware of attendance numbers and classroom setup. Classrooms will be rearranged as best as possible to ensure health and safety.

Re-evaluating the Polices/Procedures & Practices

Six weeks from September 20th (i.e. Nov 1), we will announce any changes to the above protocols based on the success over that window of time. Please note that these protocols can change more suddenly if government officials or circumstances dictate.   

Main Entrance A will be open for LifeGroup and Service time arrival. First Floor Education restrooms to be available for LifeGroup members and CLC first floor restrooms for children being watched during service.



Other Guidelines and Protocol:

  • If only coming to service and without small children, please enter immediately into the sanctuary. Entrance through the west ramp door and Commonwealth/foyer entrances preferred.
  • Greeters/Ushers will give directions as people enter and will be utilized to dismiss congregation afterwards.
  • BULLETIN- Announcement slides will run before and after service. Members will also be directed to find Bulletin related issues online at erlangerbaptist.org. A few number of paper bulletins will be produced if you would like one.
  • RESTROOMS immediately outside the sanctuary will be available for emergency cases for those attending service, otherwise please plan ahead by using the restroom before coming. Signs will be posted with proper hand washing technique and entrance/exit protocol. Young children must be escorted by an adult. Disinfectant wipes will be available in each restroom as well as mounted sanitizing stations outside each restroom. Again, First Floor Education restrooms to be available for LifeGroup members and CLC first floor restrooms for children being watched during service.  (Lower Level foyer bathrooms will still be reserved for the Hispanic congregation.)
  • Those with any suspicion of fever or illness are asked to remain home. Aside: No thermometers will be used for entry. No sick protocol established beyond personal responsibility and common sense practice encouraged by our members.
  • Though not mandated, all in attendance will be encouraged to wear a mask while in sanctuary, unless in a moment of fulfilling a leadership role in the service. Young children and those with medical complications prohibiting them will not be expected to do so.  Additional masks will be set out on a table by each sanctuary entrance if you do not have your own.
  • Tithes and offerings this week will be received via online, dropboxes, or plates set up at each of the three main exit points.
  • After the service, deacons will properly clean pews, door handles, etc.
  • Invitation- Those coming forward to make decisions will be escorted to the Commons for conversation and prayer. Social distancing will be maintained during these discussions. Those wanting to come forward to pray are invited to walk to the front and do so provided they honor social distancing expectation.
  • All doors to the sanctuary will be opened and left propped open while people arrive and leave. Walkways and stairs to Entrance A will be open for dropping off and picking up children. As well, LifeGroups are welcome to enter through these rear doors.


For those not yet ready/able to return, we will continue to provide an online experience via our website! We will be recording the 10:30am service each week and working quickly to make it available in the next couple days following each service.


We are so glad to have started back and are glad to combine our members back together in one group, but we want to do it wisely, safely, and in a way that honors God and others! Please be praying for this process and how God wants to use you to help us care for the body and serve Him in corporate worship!