That's the Goal! May 24th! THIS WEEKEND!

Beginning May 24th, we will be open for in-person services!

Below is a summary of what to expect when we do. We will be updating this page as decisions and adjustments are made. We will do all we can to keep you in the know and encourage you to let others know what you learn here!

If you have not already done so, please click here to fill out our online survey to help us consider the needs and current feelings of as many of our people as possible! Thanks!

(we encourage every person in a household, who is able, to participate taking their own survey!)


We are taking many steps to create a safe and positive environment! Below are things you should be aware of as you plan your and/or your family's return to EBC:

Two services:

8:30 am - Medically Sensitive Members and Families

10:30 am - All welcome

(Approx. each 1-hour in length. No childcare at either service due to current restrictions.)

Requested Guidelines and Protocol:

  • The sanctuary will be the only area open on Sundays. Entrance through the west ramp door and Commonwealth/foyer entrances only. No other parts will be open or available for our use. Entrance A will NOT be open unless weather requires it.
  • Traffic patterns will be utilized. Greeters/Ushers will give directions as people enter and will be utilized to dismiss congregation afterwards.
  • Max capacity between 72-108 people per service, utilizing outer 6ft of every other row. Balcony as overflow, if needed.
  • BULLETIN- Announcement slides will run before and after service. Members will also be directed to find Bulletin related issues online at
  • RESTROOMS immediately outside the sanctuary will be available for emergency cases, otherwise please plan ahead by using the restroom before coming. Signs will be posted with proper hand washing technique and entrance/exit protocol. Young children must be escorted by an adult. Disinfectant wipes will be available in each restroom as well as mounted sanitizing stations outside each restroom. (Lower Level foyer bathrooms will be reserved for the Hispanic congregation.)
  • Those with any suspicion of fever or illness are asked to remain home. Aside: No thermometers will be used for entry. No sick protocol established beyond personal responsibility and common sense practice encouraged by our members.
  • All in attendance will be asked to wear a mask while in sanctuary, unless in a moment of fulfilling a leadership role in the service. Young children and those with medical complications prohibiting them will not be expected to do so.  Additional masks will be set out on a table by each sanctuary entrance if you do not have your own.
  • Tithes and offerings this week will be received via online or plates set up at each of the three main exit points,  attended by someone assigned by stewardship team.
  • After each service, deacons will properly clean pews, door handles, etc. in preparation for the next group to enter.
  • Invitation- Those coming forward to make decisions will be escorted to the Commons for conversation and prayer. Social distancing will be maintained during these encounters. Those wanting to come forward to pray are invited to walk to the front and do so provided they honor social distancing expectation.
  • All doors to the sanctuary will be opened and left propped open while people arrive and leave, requiring no one to touch doors. 


For those not yet ready/able to return, we will continue to provide an online experience via our website!

We miss everyone! We can't wait to be back together as soon as we can! But, we want to do it wisely, safely, and in a way that honors God and others! Please be praying for this process and how God wants to use you to help us care for the body and serve Him in corporate worship!