Sermon Discussion Questions

Each week we are trying to make it easier for you to connect with the message, via your personal devotional time, your family, your LifeGroup, or our Wednesday night time. We want the invitation there for you to dive deeper and apply the truths taught from God's Word!

  • 20.05.17 Sermon: "When Life Isn't Fair"

    There are certain relationships in which we find ourselves which are either impossible to get out of or unbiblical to walk away from. Sometimes, those relationships may present us with authority figures which are not easily followed. How are we to respond in times like this?

  • 20.05.10 Sermon: "For the Lord's Sake, Submit"  PART 2

    The passage in 1 Peter gives some general guidelines for submitting to governmental and institutional authorities placed over us. But what does that look like in the US where we as Christians have the right to participate and affect change in political and governmental policy and action? 

  • 20.05.03 Sermon: "For the Lord's Sake, Submit"

    Living our faith in the context of our society can be tricky. Living out our faith as it relates to our human governing authorities can also present us with its own set of challenges. Divine sovereignty over our governments reminds us that how we relate to our governments is a reflection of how we are relating to our God.

  • 20.04.26 Sermon: "Extending Grace"

    Times of ongoing trial can certainly wear us down, especially when we aren't able to keep the temporal and eternal things straight! But God's Word helps us remember the call to do just that!

  • 20.04.19 Sermon: "What Now?"

    Living in response to the Resurrection, Jesus invites us into a relationship with Him and continues to focus us on the mission ahead.

  • 20.04.12 Sermon: "Jesus Overcomes!"

    Resurrection Sunday! We explore the powerful truths of Matt 28 in light of the resurrection of Christ as He overcomes our fears and confusion!