IMPACT is our current capital campaign which oversaw recent renovationsof our Education Building. Improvements included all new windows, HVAC classroom units, paint, electrical upgrades, IT and security upgrades, and more! 

IMPACT was designed to restore a significant part of our facility so that we could house 12 Stones Christian Academy as well as continue to provide a quality environment for our Children's ministry and LifeGroup classes.

This campaign stretches from April 2018 to April 2020.

Our IMPACT commitment

Our church overwhelming affirmed the following commitment:

"The Building, Property & Planning and Stewardship Ministry Teams together unanimously recommend that the church proceed with the full Educational Building renovation package totaling $300,000, and  that the Trustees be authorized to open a $300,000 line of credit with Heritage Bank to help fund renovations. Borrowed funds will be repaid by IMPACT pledges and designated gifts over the next 24 months.

Renovations on the Education Building and cost associated with the improvements are expected to be as follows:

HVAC (Y hyper-heat VRF system on all three floors)    $250,000

Electrical Updates (including new service to Ed Building)     $ 3,000

Windows     $ 12,000

IT Upgrades      $ 3,000

Security       $ 12,000

Contingencies    $ 12,000

Bank Fees (interest)       $ 8,000

Approximate Total $300,000


Ways to Give

Pledges and gifts continue to come in as we

seek to meet our $300k goal. 

You still have the opportunity to join in this faith commitment which will help fund much needed improvements to our education building, equipping it for ministry for years to come!

As you seek to give and fulfill your family’s commitment, remember a couple things...

1.  If you use envelopes as you fulfill your pledge, please write “IMPACT” on the outside of the envelope and the amount designated for it.  Please note that gifts marked “Building Fund” do not go to IMPACT, as that fund covers larger general maintenance needs. Left unmarked, gifts will be included as a part of your regular tithing. As a backup, use the MEMO line to communicate your desire.

2.  If you choose to give online, there is an option online where you can select “IMPACT” from the drop-down menu.  Online, multiple gifts can be split between tithe, building, IMPACT, etc.

3.  Under current IRS rules, if you donate marketable securities to the church, you are entitled to a contribution deduction for the FMV of the shares on the day of transfer to the church.  If you are interested in this option call our treasurer, Bob Smith at 859-393-6484. 

4.  Last but not least…don’t forget about your regular giving! March has been strong but we are still behind budget in our YTD giving.  Thank you for your sacrificial giving!